Couples counseling is beneficial to those interested in 
improving their relationships. We have experience with a diverse range of couples from various racial, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds. 
Couples can be married or dating, straight or gay.
We assist couples with:

•  Trust issues 
•  Infidelity 
•  Communication 
•  Financial disagreements 
•  Premarital, Pre-commitment counseling 
We are excited to announce that our office now offers EMDR and DBT thearpy. Give our office a call today to set up your appointment. 
To learn more about EMDR you can go to this website.
Life is at times challenging. It presents many situations that at times can be overwhelming. There are times when even the best of us need help and that is what we are here for. Therapy can help you to work out these issues and live a happier, fuller life. 

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for you to openly
talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.
Together, we can discuss your issues or concerns with:

•  Self-development 
•  Body image issues
•  Anxiety and depression 
•  Stress Management 
•  Sexual orientation 
•  Sexual compulsions 
•  Cyber Addictions 
•  Substance abuse and dependence 
•  Loss and grief counseling  


Family dynamics can often be challenging, whether you have a traditional
or non-traditional family, we can help. Family counseling provides an
opportunity for everyone to openly talk about their thoughts and feelings in
a safe environment. Together, we can try to solve any familial issues:

•  Parent-child conflicts 
•  Family communication problems 
•  Defiant, angry, or isolated teens 
•  Grief and issues of loss
•  Transitions after divorce or separation

  "It's time for a life change"
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